You Have to See Devon Sawa’s Sweet Message to Christina Ricci

7. Sawa was intimidated by Christina Ricci when he first met her before he had officially won the role of human Casper, admitting to Vulture, “She had a little bit of a ‘I’m the boss around here’ vibe. But she warmed up quickly. We had chemistry right away, I think. We clicked as friends really quickly.”

8. Ricci and Sawa were also love interests in Now & Then, which also came out in 1995. And it was Ricci who recommended Sawa for the role of Scott Wormer.

“I credit her for getting that role,” Sawa recently told E! News. “We got along quite well in the small amount of time I did work on Casper. We are the same age and I ended up going and doing school with her while I was there. I worked one or two days, but I was there for maybe two weeks. She just remembered and recommended me and I put myself on tape and I got it. We hung out a lot during the shoot.”

9. Well, it may have been because of puppy love, as it was later revealed by Now & Then star Thora Birch that there was a bit of a “contest” on set for Sawa’s affection, with Birch going on to say Ricci won. But Sawa denied the crush claim, telling E! News, “No, I didn’t know. I think I was 14 or something like that. They were all so lovely, all four of them.”

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