Why Real Girlfriends in Paris’ Victoria Is at a “Boiling Point”

There’s no room for slacking off in an industry as cutthroat as fashion.

So, it’s no surprise that in E! News’ exclusive sneak peek at Real Girlfriends in Paris‘ upcoming Sept. 19 episode, Victoria Zito is frustrated that her friend and co-worker Yoanne isn’t pulling his weight—especially since she’s going above and beyond. 

“It’s been hard,” says Victoria, the head designer at nascent fashion brand Chloe Colette. “Literally by Friday night, I need to have the entire collection drawn.”

It’s Yoanne she’s venting to, but before the pair can continue their discussion, Chloe Colette’s general manager Lara approaches and tells Yoanne that someone’s inquiring about an upcoming casting. She’s seemingly assuming Yoanne will take over since his role is all about casting, but he doesn’t.

Instead, when Lara asks why she’s the one being asked about the casting, Yoanne responds, “Is there a problem with that?”


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