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Why La Brea Season 2 Had to Hire an Intimacy Consultant

La Brea season two is about to get steamy.

The romance between characters Eve Harris (Natalie Zea) and Levi Delgado (Nicholas Gonzalez) is getting more serious on the hit NBC series’ sophomore season, according to the show’s co-stars. 

“I don’t want to give any spoilers away, but we did have to employ an intimacy consultant this year,” Zea exclusively told E! News when asked if their characters’ romance will heat up this season.

Gonzalez added, “Actually, more than once. And actually at times we didn’t even anticipate.”

Zea agreed, “It’s true. I would get the call saying, ‘Hey, do you need me to be on set for episode whatever, scene whatever?’ And I’m like, ‘What’s that now? What happens?’ You certainly see more of the romance than you saw before, which was I guess nothing.”

Co-star Eoin Macken, who plays Eve’s ex-husband Gavin Harris, jokingly chimed in, “From Gavin’s point of view, it gets very spicy.”

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