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Why does Sydelle Pulaski keep talking about twins? Because she thinks she’ll be twins if she wins her will. The tenant is in a meeting.

Who are the twins in Journey to the West?

There are no twins in Journey to the West. However, one of Angela and Sydelle’s clues is the word « twins ». They think the clue means…

What does everyone want from sydelle?

Sydelle wants people to come up with clues, « twin ». Why did Angela storm Judge Ford’s kitchen? Angela needed company or she would cry over the way her mother and others treated her.

Why is Sydelle Pulaski a mistake?

The bug was Sydelle Pulaski.she is wrong Because private investigator Otis Amber would choose Sybill Pulaski; he just mispronounced his name.

What’s wrong with Chris Theodorakis?

Three pairs. Christos « Chris » Theodorakis is a 15 year old boy who uses a wheelchair for the following reasons degenerative muscle disease. He is smart and loves bird watching.

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Who is Theo Theodorakis married to?

By the end of the book, we see Theo get his wish: he studied journalism at university and became a novelist. Although he is not very successful, he can pursue what he likes.he has married turtlealthough he spends most of his time having a crush on her sister.

Who is the private investigator hired by Judge Ford?

Hire Northrup Otis Investigate Justice Ford, George Theodorakis, James Hoo, Grace Windkloppel (Wexler), Flora Baumbach and Sybil Pulaski (who was confused with Sydelle). Otis also investigated all of Judge Ford’s heirs except herself and Sandy.

What does Theo think they should do with their leads?

What does Theo think they should do with their leads?Theo thinks All the heirs should put their leads togetherhopefully they can form a message – a message to the killer.

Who was with her in Angela’s ward?

Well, what do you know?Her sweet, holy companion is bomber. The answer to this question can be found in Chapter 16, after a party for Angela’s upcoming wedding, she unleashes a bomb or a firework that explodes in her face, leaving a mark on her cheek. wound.

What does JJ Ford hope to do once?

JJ Ford wanted so badly once, beat mr Sam Westing ‘at his own game’…thinks that through his complicated succession game, Westing is trying to somehow manipulate the heir so that someone gets hurt.

What must happen to a $10,000 check cashing?

Bank Secrecy Act Officially known as the Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act, it began in 1970. It states that banks must report to the IRS any deposits (and withdrawals) they receive over $10,000. To do this, they will fill out IRS Form 8300.

Why is Berthe Erica Crow screaming?

Why is Berthe Erica Crow screaming? Berth Erica Crow screams because The estate’s attorney, EJ Plum, accidentally stepped on her sore foot.

Who thought everyone was too good to be a murderer in Journey to the West?

Chris looked at people’s legs, trying to figure out who was limp: Theo, because the turtle kicked him; and Grace, because of her high heels.he pointed out Judge Ford Not limp. He thinks everyone there is too good to be a murderer.

Why is Angela so dissatisfied with Journey to the West?

Why did Angela get upset when everyone kept asking about Denton? Angela is suffering from an identity crisis, she thinks People think she’s nothing without Denton.

Flora shares her past with the tortoise?

Facts Flora Works With The game-playing turtle begins the real recovery process for the two of themThe turtles helped ease Flora’s pain in the loss of Rosalie, and Flora supports the turtles as a softer, kinder mother: « All mothers think their children are beautiful.

Why are all the heirs nervous?

One sign that everyone is nervous is bomb squad is called multiple times.

What is Mrs Wexler’s relationship to her two daughters?

Mrs Wexler’s relationship with her daughter is She likes turtles more than Angela. He was waiting for the turtle to enter the Westinghouse to see how long she could stay in it.

How did Judge Ford pay off the debt?

How does Judge Ford plan to pay off her debt to Sam Westing? Ford intends to use her Sunset Tower earnings to pay for Chris’ education. How is Angela’s life different? Angela goes to school and plans to go to medical school, she is no longer engaged to Dill.

Who fired Sandy from the janitorial position?

Called Sandy…20 years at Western Paper Mills…fired Sam Westing Himself Attempts to organize workers … without pensions » (Chapter 21).

Why did Judge Ford hire a private investigator?

A second possible answer is that Judge Ford hired a private investigator.she does Because she has realized that at least four of the heirs have a specific Westing connection. She needs to know more about these tenants and anyone else.

Who’s going to be late for the wedding if the tortoise doesn’t hurry up?

If the turtles don’t hurry, whose wedding will be late?Turtle is going to be late Otis Amber and Crow’s wedding If she doesn’t move quickly.

What does Sandy, the doorman, do every time he gives Angela a bath gift?

What does Sandy, the doorman, do every time he gives Angela a bath gift? He yelled, « Boom! » because of the bomb.

What’s the point of the comment that her mother would be upset if the Turtles knew who the real bomber was?

Turtle said her mother would be upset if she knew who the real bomber was, what does that mean? The tortoise knew that if her mother found out that Angela was the bomber and not the tortoise, she would be more upset.

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