Why Demi Lovato’s Next Tour Might Be Their Last Amid Illness

Demi Lovato‘s time on the road might be coming to an end.

The “Cool for the Summer” singer is having difficulties continuing with their touring life, Lovato shared in since-deleted Instagram Stories published by Page Six on Sept. 13.

“This next tour will be my last,” the Disney Channel wrote, “I love and thank you guys.”

Lovato, who uses she/her and they/them pronouns, said they are suffering from an undisclosed illness on the same day as their Sept. 13 performance in Santiago, Chile. The singer’s photos appear to be taken from a hotel room overlooking a city.

“I’m so f–king sick.” Lovato wrote. “I can’t get out of bed.”

In the last photo, Lovato said that they “can’t do this anymore.” Their tour is expected to run until Nov. 6.

However, it seems Lovato soon deleted the messages. In an update on Sept. 13, Lovato wrote on Instagram, “Gonna power thru it for you guys.” Along with a sick emoji, they added, “I’ll need help sining so sing loud for me bb’s!!”

E! News has reached out to their rep for comment but hasn’t heard back.


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