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in short, fyodor may be As smart as Dazai, maybe even smarter, but Dazai is smarter and makes more real connections, which is why Fyodor might lose the game.

Is Dazai related to Fedor?

Interaction between Dazai Fyodor is interconnected with their past. The author named after Dostoevsky wrote the book Crime and Punishment, which is also Fedor’s ability in The Wild Dogs.

Is Dazai smart?

On the surface, Dazai is an irresponsible, careless detective. However, his ingenuity soon emerges from behind his foolish disguise. He’s incredibly smart and manipulative. His eccentric behavior is often (but not always) part of a larger plan.

How did Dazai and Fyodor meet?

My guess is that they met When Dazai was in Yokohama gathering information about the Capable Persons Organizationwhich leads him to meet Fyodor, who is also looking for information about the psychic to find The Book.

Who is Dazai’s lover?

Attempt with his lover Yamazaki Tomoe It finally worked.

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Does Dazai like Akutagawa?

Dazai was impressed by Akutagawa from their first meeting, and a second was too late, Akutagawa may have just killed or maimed Dazai. Atsushi told him that his mentor recognized Akutagawa long ago. …but Dazai is Dazai, He doesn’t know how to be affectionate. He didn’t grow up around affectionate people.

Why did Dazai cover his eyes?

show his audience trauma and pain. …his injuries are the cause of all his actions, feelings, and suicide attempts. Deep perception of the world and love for him, bordering Dazai is a great hatred and fear of people. In some cases, cruelty helped him cope with emotions.

Who is Dazai in the end?

Hundred Views of Mount Fuji shared Tsushima’s experience in Misaka. He meets a man named Ibuse Masuji, a former mentor who arranges an affinity for Dazai. Dazai meets a woman, Ishihara Michiko, he later decided to marry. No more humans focus on the protagonist Oba Yozo.

How did Osamu Dazai die?

After several failed attempts in his early years, Dazai committed suicide In 1948, an unfinished novel called Goodbye.

Did Dazai cry?

What interests me is that even if Tsukuru Oda died in his arms, Dazai didn’t cry…Emotionally, Atsushi is or should be more mature than Dazai. Dazai has trouble expressing his emotions, so he hides everything under a charming smile.

Is Dazai a devil?

Dazai is one of them demonis also a magician, they are fetters.

What is Dazai’s IQ?

Dazai and Fyodor possess a demonic combination of lightning-fast mental arithmetic, superior memory, and superior logical thinking.Geniuses are traditionally considered IQ levels of 140 or 150 and above, although I don’t think it’s surprising that Dazai and Fyodor have IQ levels over 200.

Can Yosano and Dazai be cured?

of course not. Dazai’s powers can counteract any and all manifestations of his ability to come into contact with his skin. Yossano’s healing abilities are related to ‘Butterfly’ touches patient’s body. Those « butterflies » disappear the moment they touch Dazai’s skin.

Does Kunikida hate Dazai?

However, Kunikida doesn’t really dislike Dazai. He particularly recognized Dazai’s skills and knowledge when he first worked with Dazai, and he continued to entrust much of the agency’s strategy to Dazai.

How much of « No Longer Human » is real?

Dazai’s original « No Longer Human » was semi-autobiographical story Based on the author’s deep sense of depression and alienation. Many believe it was his suicide note; Dazai and his lover Tomie Yamazaki drowned shortly after its publication.

Do Wenhao stray dogs have love?

Bungo Wild Dog Although there are some deep friendships between the characters, A romantic relationship never develops.

Why is Dazai a suicidal maniac?

A member of the Armed Detective Agency who took Dunn under his command, Dazai by »suicidal« Because he wanted to suicide To die peacefully one day, preferably with a beautiful woman.

Why did Alice call Morentaro?

Dazai details an incident in which he painted a horrific self-portrait during his time in the Mafia. When Elise saw it, she cried and called it cursed. Alice called Mori « Rentaro », Quote the real author’s birth name.

Is Akutagawa sick?

Akutagawa is sick, has died of lung disease, and his body never fully healed, he just got worse. Atsushi only believes that if he can save people, he can live.

Why was Dazai so cruel to Akutagawa?

Dazai may be manipulating, but that’s because he thinks it’s allowed Akutagawa using his powers is a great way for him to grow. . . the boy has been soaked to the bone with violence, and Dazai has so much blood on his own hands that he can’t think of a healthier way, even though he really cares about Akutagawa.

Higuchi fell in love with Akutagawa?

She often insisted on making up for Akutagawa, worried that he was not in good health. Unfortunately, her allegiance was abused and harshly treated by a frustrated Akutagawa, often called « unnecessary ». despite this, Higuchi is loyal to him.

Is Akutagawa Atsushi the older brother?

Atsushi and Akutagawa are twins/brothers

Besides, Akutagawa already has a younger sister.

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