What Mayo Does Subway Use? (& More FAQs!)

If you want to make a sandwich that tastes just like the ones at Subway, then picking the right mayonnaise is really important.

Although there are many brands of mayonnaise available at stores, many of them don’t quite taste like Subway’s recipe.

What Mayo Does Subway Use?

Subway uses their own brand of mayonnaise. Consumers have reported that S&W mayonnaise is the closest retail option to Subway’s mayonnaise recipe. S&W mayonnaise is available from a number of retailers in Australia.

If you live outside of Australia, you may need to make your own imitation Subway mayo, or order S&W from an Australian retailer. Either way, you won’t be able to get Subway mayo on most store shelves in the US.

Keep reading to find details on the mayo used at Subway, as well as information on the composition and recipe used for Subway mayo.

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What Mayonnaise Is Closest to Subway?

In an attempt to imitate the distinct flavor of Subway mayo, many consumers have tried finding brands of mayo at their local supermarkets that come close to it. Most brands in the US are not quite the same, but there are brands in other countries that consumers say are fairly close.

S&W Mayonnaise is closest to Subway, according to consumer reports. S&W Mayo can be purchased at many retail locations in Australia. If you cannot get S&W mayo in your area, you might have to make your own from scratch.

Mayonnaise traditionally contains egg, salt, acid, and oil. Most recipes use canola or vegetable oil, lemon juice, and other flavoring agents such as corn syrup or mustard seed. Some mayonnaise is available with olive oil used as a portion of its oil content.

There are a handful of recipes available online that break down the possible ingredients in Subway mayo for the purpose of making your own that tastes as close as possible. You can also visit the nutrition page on Subway.com for nutritional information on Subway mayo.

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Where Can I Buy S&W Mayonnaise?

According to many consumers, S&W Mayonnaise is probably the only retail brand available that tastes kind of like Subway mayo. The recipe for S&W Mayonnaise contains traditional ingredients, as well as some typical additives such as corn syrup.

You can buy S&W mayonnaise from food retailers in Australia, such as Woolworths, Walmart, and others. Customers outside Australia will have to special order S&W mayonnaise or make their own.

According to the S&W website, their mayonnaise is made with the following ingredients:

  • Soybean oil
  • Whole eggs
  • Corn syrup
  • Water
  • Canola oil
  • Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Lemon juice concentrate
  • White mustard
  • Rosemary extract
  • Paprika

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Does Subway Mayonnaise Have Egg?

Eggs are one of the main ingredients in a traditional mayonnaise sauce. However, some restaurants will substitute the eggs for something else in order to avoid problems for people who are allergic to eggs.

Subway mayonnaise does have eggs. Both light and regular mayonnaise at Subway contain eggs as one of the main ingredients, according to the allergy information table available at Subway.com.

For more information on allergens used in various foods at Subway, you can visit the Nutrition & Allergies page on Subway.com.

Does Subway Mayonnaise Have Dairy?

If you have a dairy allergy or you have other dietary restrictions such as veganism, then it’s important to pay attention to fast food condiments that may contain dairy. Although traditional mayonnaise does not contain dairy, some recipes may use dairy products as an additive.

Subway mayonnaise does not have dairy. Subway mayonnaise is made from a traditional recipe that is largely kept a secret. However, they have stated that there are no dairy products in their mayo.

That being said, Subway mayonnaise is still not considered vegan due to the inclusion of eggs as one of the main ingredients.

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Is Subway Mayo Pasteurized?

Pasteurization is a process where food products are heated to a certain temperature for specific periods of time in order to reduce bacterial growth potential for long storage. It is mainly used for destroying the proteins present in milk products, but it is also used for eggs.

Subway mayo uses pasteurized eggs. The pasteurization process destroys many of the nutrients and bacterial growth potential in the eggs, making them safe to store for longer periods of time.

Both light and regular mayo at Subway are made from pasteurized eggs. This also applies to pre-mixed mayo used in other subway ingredients such as their tuna mix. Pasteurized eggs are less nutritious, but are safer for pregnant women to consume and can be kept longer.


Subway mayo has a special taste to it that many consumers are keen to imitate at home. Making sandwiches at home is a healthier and cheaper alternative than eating out at Subway every time you have a hankering.

Although Subway does not make its mayo available at retail stores, there are some brands, such as S&W mayonnaise, that taste very close to what Subway serves on their sandwiches. S&W mayonnaise is mainly available for purchase in Australia.

Traditional mayonnaise contains eggs as one of the main ingredients, and Subway mayo is no exception. Although their mayo contains no dairy products, they do contain eggs. This means that vegans and people with allergies should steer clear of Subway mayo.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask away in the comments section.

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