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Tokischa Opens Up on Kissing Madonna, Plus: New Book on the Queen of Pop

Madonna has been raising eyebrows for 40 years, and her New York Fashion Week moves were no exception.

The 64-year-old icon was spotted making the scene at the Tom Ford show, the premiere (and ensuing after-party) of “Don’t Worry Darling,” and at Harry Styles’ Love On tour at Madison Square Garden, all with on-trend bleached eyebrows.

But many have been surprised to see her PDAs with Tokischa, a controversial Dominican rapper and OnlyFans creator with whom she collaborated on the current remix single “Hung Up on Tokischa.”

Their new video for the track, which promotes Madonna’s career-retro “Finally Enough Love” album, leaves even less to the imagination. “Underdirected” by Sasha Kasiuha/SKNX, it is a low-fi, ’90s-vibing clip that finds Madonna — this time in a red wig — and Tokischa dirty dancing the night away and kissing passionately.

So is Madonna actually hung up on the 26-year-old rising star?

In an interview with “Ebro in the Morning,” Tokischa says she met Madonna in the build-up to her Pride performance at Terminal 5, where they performed.

Brushing off jokes about Madonna being her “sugar mama,” Tokischa says in the sit-down, “As soon as we met, like, because it’s Madonna, you know, it’s somebody that’s been expressing herself her entire life, not caring. That’s actually what I do, too.”

She goes on to say, “It was instant — we connected right away. We were doing this together and rehearsing for the show and talking all the time, so we got really close… We were in the mic recording and all of a sudden we was kissing already, and it’s like, it’s so natural for both of us. We just kiss, just like talking… It’s not something that is, like, ‘Oh, we are so sexual…’ It’s more like a vibe.”

Tokischa makes crystal-clear that she and Madonna are just friends, and are not in a relationship.

Meanwhile, for fans of classic Madonna, there’s always the updated “Encyclopedia Madonnica” by Matthew Rettenmund.

The 674-page tome covers every aspect of Madonna’s work, life, love life, and how she has influenced and challenged the culture. The author says it’s also meant to be tongue-in-cheek. After all, among the A-to-Z entries on weighty issues like abortion, cultural appropriation, and feminism, there are passages devoted to feuds, who waxed her legs circa 1992, and her affection for wearing grills.

“Encyclopedia Madonnica” also contains more than a dozen interviews, including the first Madonna-centric Q&A with her former publicist Liz Rosenberg in 30 years!

“Most of my really early memories of her were going to clubs at 2 o’clock in the morning and having her do a song or two,” Rosenberg says. “Once, she had to change and a group of people had to stand around her so she could change — she didn’t take off her clothes quite as easily at that point — and she worked the crowd into a frenzy like nobody’s business.”

It is a juicy interview, one in which Rosenberg reveals what really happened when Madonna dropped the F-bomb repeatedly on David Letterman in 1994, talks about her client’s legendary refusal to change her stage show under threat of arrest in “Truth or Dare,” and dishes on her favorite of Madonna’s ex-boyfriends. (Hint: It’s not Vanilla Ice.)

She also remembers Madonna bawling in her office when Playboy published nude photos of her in 1985, a rare show of vulnerability from the powerhouse.

Rosenberg says Madonna wasn’t upset people saw her naked body, that it might have killed her career. “She absolutely believed her career was over… I think she cried for a day — maybe two. Quickly, it came and went.”

The naysayers said Madonna would come and go quickly, but 40 years later, there’s a whole encyclopedia that proves otherwise.

“Encyclopedia Madonnica” — featuring a previously unseen image from 1984 by Andrew Caulfield on its cover — is available now.

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