The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Startegy: Pinterest 101

Social Media Icons!

The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Startegy: Pinterest 101

Social Media Icons!
Social Media Icons!

Sometimes I receive emails from people who tell me that my Pinterest tutorials look great, but they are too advanced. I understand, these people don’t even have a Pinterest account and are not sure how to go about Pinterest account creation.

I’m a Pinterest Marketing Expert. I decided to record a tutorail for the very beginners. It will show you the first steps you need to start with. It’s a sign up and account creation tutorial for Pinterest. When you are on the main page, you can choose to either login to an existent account through these two links, or to sign up for a new Pinterest account.

And the very first option that shows up allows you to create a personal account. So if you want to use Pinterest just to save some ideas to your boards, go ahead and start creating a personal Pinterest account right here. By the way, for a personal account Pinterest allows you to use not only an email addressto sign up, but also a Facebook account or Gmail account.

And I do not recommend using these options for signing up on Pinterest. Because this usually ends up in creation of multiple accounts. Because some day you will try you will try to open Pinterest when you are not logged in to Facebook or Google.

And you will insert your email address somewhere, and Boom! – Pinterest created a new account for you without you understanding what’s going on.And then you’ll be jumping from one Pinterest account to another  different devices and you will end up completely lost and frustrated.

So, when you create a Pinterest account, I prefer usually to use email address instead of Facebook or Google login. But if you plan to use Pinterest for driving traffic to your website, then you should skip all of these options and click on this button below to create a business account.

And for business account, you will only have this option of email address. So use your email address, then create a password and click on create account. Here you can eighter leave your own county where you live, or change to the United States. I personally changed to the United States because the majority of my audience is inthis country, all the content is written in English, and I hope that from my choice of the country Pinterest understands that I am targeting users in the United States.

The Next Steps

On the next step you will just add your business profile or a name and then choose the typeof the business.

  • Click next.
  • Here we need to link your account to a website.But for now, I’m going to skip this step.
  • You can also associate with your account either Instagram or Etsy, or Youtube or all of them. I will also skip this step because you will always have these options in your account settings and you can do this at any time later.
  • This is just an information for you to show that Pinterest has some advertising platform. So, it doesn’t matter what you answer here. Let’s say we are interested in advertising. Well, because I said I’m interested in advertising, Pinterest is now offering me some additional support and they want to reach out to me.

But I will skip this step again. And now this step is something that you can not skip actually. So here we need to choose the main topics that your business is about. And let’s choose some of these topics which are popular on Pinterest. When you see the red button below it means you can go to the next step. And here Pinterest just makes a quick overview of their features. So you can also just close the window.

Pinterest Marketing
Pinterest Marketing

They are just showing you how you can create a pin, what do you need to do, how to upload it, where you need to insert the destination link and everything…I will give a link in the right top corner of thescreen, to an article in which I explain how exactly to post on Pinterest, how to save pins in the right way.

This is how your brand-new Pinterest account looks. You obviously need to go to Settings and add more information about your profile. You can choose some location. You can later go to the account settings and add more information with your, about your website, claim other accounts of other social media.

Inside your profile you can add a photo as a profile picture. Just upload it from your computer. You can also select a username. Which will by default Pinterest will suggest some username but you can change it later, and then click Save.

Another thing you need to know: if you ever created a personal account and later decided that you actually want to promote a website, or do something for your business with this Pinterest account.Then you can actually convert that personal account into a business account.

Pinterest Marketing - Content is King
Pinterest Marketing – Content is King

And all you have to do is go to and you will end up on a page where you can create a free business account from your personal account. So you will click Continue and on the next step you will go to the exact same steps which we have already done when we created a business account.

Pinterest for Business and Commercial Purposes

If you want to use Pinterest for business and commercial purposes, you HAVE to use a Business account. It’s very important. The main reason you need to use a business account instead of a personal type of account is to comply with Pinterest’s Terms of Service. You don’t want your account to be closed for using a personal account for commercial purposes,right?

And essentially, if you plan to make money from your Pinterest account in ANY way, you should use a business account. It doesn’t matter if you will verify your own website on this Pinterest account, or you will verify an Etsy site, or a Shopify store, or even if you will just link to listings on Amazon. You will still be using it for commercial purposes, and you have to use a business account for this.

Another benefit of having a business account is that you will get access to special features and services that are available only for business accounts. It’s Pinterest Analytics and Pinterest Ads. So in Pinterest Analytics you can see your audience Insights.

You can check what are people who follow you are interested in reading about. And you can check how is your site doing on Pinterest. And in the Advertising cabinet, you can obviously run some ads. Also on a business account you’ll be able to attach a website, enable Rich pins, and also attach an Instagram account, Youtube account, or an Etsy account.

Wrapping up Pinterest 101 for Marketing

So there are many benefits of using a business account and even if you don’t have a website right now to integrate with your account, it’s always better to start a business account because you will at least start having some analytics on your pins. Did this article help you get started on Pinterest? Let me know in the comments.

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