The Biggest Bombshells From Netflix’s Lori Vallow Docuseries

Lori’s fourth husband was killed in July 2019 when he was shot multiple times by her brother, Alex Cox, who maintained he acted in self-defense. (Cox died in December 2019.) Prior to his death, Charles had tried reaching out to Lori’s family about her behavior, but Colby said in the series that Lori alleged Charles had been cheating on her. 

“He was just saying that she is out of her mind now and ‘this is not your mom, Colby,’ I didn’t know what that meant at all,” Colby recalled of what Charles told him. “I was like, ‘What are you talking about? You are sounding more crazy than you say she is.’ At that time, it looked like guilty person was freaking out because they got caught, so I just stopped talking to him.”

Janis also didn’t believe Charles’ story, especially after Lori underwent a psych evaluation in 2019, which Charles requested from the Gilbert, Ariz. police. 

“We all thought, well, she didn’t get committed. So, what are we going to say?” Janis explaine. “They interviewed Lori and they interviewed Charles and the cops at the time thought Charles was nuttier than Lori.”

But after Charles was killed, Lori allegedly told multiple lies regarding the circumstances of his death. Initially, as detailed in the series, she told JJ’s school that Charles had committed suicide and when she called Colby, she told him Charles had a heart attack. Colby said he didn’t discover the truth until he arrived at the house and heard the true story from a “devastated” Tylee.

“This is my dad, this is really the father figure of my life, who has been there for as long as I can remember back to,” Colby said, “and the fact that she would lie about how Charles died still blows my mind.”

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