See Tori Spelling Host Your Next Dating Competition Obsession

A new level of real just landed on reality TV. 

MTV announced on Sept. 13 that their first ever mystery dating competition, titled Love At First Lie, will be hosted by actress Tori Spelling. The series will follow eight, seemingly in love couples. The gist? The contestants must determine which pair among them is the real deal and which duo is completely faking it.

As for how they will discover this truth? MTV revealed that the couples—including Riani and Chantz, Monica and Josh, Jake and Alfie, Cece and Reasey, Annabell and Joe, Karla and Brian, Stephanie and Arabella, and Yuriy and Alicia—will participate in “power games that test their relationships and give insight into who could be telling the truth or lying through their teeth.”

“At the end of each episode, during the Truth Ceremony,” the description continued, “the couples must eliminate who they think is lying about their love from the competition. If they guess correctly and kick out liars, they add $25,000 to the prize fund each time.”

Sounds like the perfect recipe for some serious drama. And that’s no lie.

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