See Andy Cohen & His 3-Year-Old Son Ben Adorably Discuss Cher

Andy Cohen Welcomes Baby No. 2

If we could turn back time, we’d find a way to watch Andy Cohen‘s new video with his son for the first time all over again. 

The Watch What Happens Live host shared an Instagram video on Sept. 16 of him and 3-year-old Benjamin discussing Cher after the Bravo producer apparently introduced the toddler to her music. “What did you think?” Andy asked Benjamin, only for him to hilariously respond, “She was singing too loud for me.” 

“She was singing too loud for you?! You loved it!” Andy said, adding that Cher reminded Benjamin of Elsa from Frozen “because they’re both good singers.” 

Benjamin, meanwhile, remained adamant that the “Believe” singer was simply too loud. The father and son adorably went back and forth a few times until Andy jokingly laid down the law. “Ben, it was Cher and there’s gonna be a lot of Cher in your life, do you know that?” he said. “Lots of Cher to come!”

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