Proof Welcome to Chippendales Is The Next Big True Crime Drama

Welcome to Chippendales is the true crime drama we never knew we needed.

Hulu dropped the first teaser for the series Sept. 20, giving viewers a taste of the salacious story behind the popular male dance group.

The teaser begins with an introduction to Kumail Nanjiani‘s Somen “Steve” Banerjee, an immigrant with the dream of making it big. “A world of luxury,” he says in a voiceover, “right at your fingertips.”

From the looks of it, Steve gets what he wants, arriving home to a sprawling mansion and kissing his wife on the lips—but then, the teaser takes a dark turn. “Every cent I have, I’ve put into this,” Steve says in a voiceover, before a scene shows him yelling at Murray Bartlett‘s Nick de Noia, “I need this!”

Nick doesn’t seem to care that Steve’s money is on the line, threatening, “You and me stick together, or you and me go to war.”

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