Prince William & Kate Middleton Share Final Goodbye to Queen Elizabeth

Prince William and Kate Middleton have given their final farewell to Queen Elizabeth II.

The Prince and Princess of Wales honored the late monarch by sharing a photo of her coffin being carried at Windsor Castle to their official Instagram page on Sept. 19. They paired the image with a message that read, “Goodbye to a Queen, a mother, a grandmother and a great grandmother.”

After Her Majesty’s death on Sept. 8, Queen Elizabeth was laid to rest on Sept. 19 inside Windsor Castle at St. George’s Chapel. Prior to her burial, Queen Elizabeth’s funeral was preceded with a state funeral service held at Westminster Abbey in London.

Those in attendance included William, Kate, King Charles III, Queen Consort Camilla, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle—who were all seated in a traditional fashion that organized them in order of precedence at the service.

The King and Queen Consort Camilla were seated in the front row of the south lantern section. Meanwhile, William—who is next line to become king—and Kate were seated in the front row of the opposing side of the aisle.

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