Married to Medicine: See Toya & Audra’s Shocking Physical Fight

Would Married to Medicine’s Dr. Heavenly Ever Join RHOA?

These Married to Medicine stars are ready to rumble.

Tensions between Toya Bush-Harris and first-time cast member Audra Frimpong come to a head on the Bravo series’ Sept. 18 episode, and E! News has your exclusive first look at their explosive fight.

While attending co-star Quad Webb‘s Christmas party, Toya takes the opportunity to confront Anila Sajja and her friends about a rumor they supposedly spread, which accused her of sleeping with multiple men “in the neighborhood.”

Toya even tells Anila’s mother, Manjula, about the rumor. Surprised by her daughter’s actions, she tells her, “Stop it, Anila.”

While Toya’s husband, Dr. Eugene Harris, tries to calm her down, she instead chooses to go after Audra next.

“And this one, she looking up our s–t on real estate trying to see how much we made,” Toya states. Audra reminds her cast mate that she is a real estate attorney, to which Toya claps back, “But we didn’t hire you, bitch.”

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