Last 2 Mourners to View Queen Elizabeth II Form “Forever” Bond

Grief has a way of bringing people together.

Such is the case for Sima Mansouri and Chrissy Heerey, who were the final two mourners to view Queen Elizabeth II lying in state at Westminster Hall before her funeral on Sept. 19 (you can watch here). After waiting in line for hours together, the former strangers told NBC News how the emotional experience helped them form an unexpected bond.

“I think the people that you’ve met, that’s a moment,” said Heerey, who was the final mourner to view the Queen. “It’s a friendship that will last forever.”

Mansouri added, “That’s right. We shared this together, and that’s what makes it special. And I think that we’ll be friends forever, and the Queen brought us together.”

Before her passing on Sept. 8, the Queen touched many people’s lives across the world throughout her 70-year-long reign, including Mansouri, who told NBC News that she’s “adored her since I was a little girl.”

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