Kim Kardashian Reveals Why Facing Criticism Is “Easier” Now

Kim Kardashian is not keeping up with what the haters gotta say.

After being in front of the camera for 15 years, the SKIMS founder shared how confronting scrutiny from the public has gotten easier for her and her family.

“It has gotten easier ‘cause I think you just get to a level where you see that so much of it is noise, and we have each other, we have us as a support system,” the 41-year-old told host Michael Strahan on Good Morning America Sept. 20. “I couldn’t do it without my family.”

As Kim noted, “Just because when there’s maybe a little too much noise everyone’s there just to be like, ‘OK we know what’s real. We know what’s happening. This doesn’t matter. Let’s all just come back to what we know, and that’s each other.’ And I feel so grateful that we had all of those experiences at the same time so we can really lean on each other.”

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