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Kesha Teases Possible Conjuring Kesha Season 2 Partner

We R Who We R, and that’s devoted Conjuring Kesha fans.

The supernatural series stars pop star Kesha as she checks off her paranormal bucket list, including a visit to the spooky Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary and trekking into the allegedly Big Foot-infested woods in Mount Shasta. But Conjuring Kesha would be nothing without the “Praying” singer’s slew of friends, who are open to exploring the strange and unusual places. 

Season one saw comedian Whitney Cummings making a connection with a potential malevolent spirit, rapper GaTa fleeing the notoriously haunted Westerfeld House and Betty Who hearing unexplained footsteps in the Antoinette Hall Opera House. And while season two has yet to be confirmed, Kesha revealed she’s already building her dream list of participants.

“I would f—king be besieged,” she exclusively told E! News, “if Cardi B would join me for an episode.”

And one A-list friend is ready for a ghost hunt, as Kesha shared Olivia Munn reached out to her.

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