Jon Hamm Reveals Which Actor Also Went For Mad Men Role

You’ll never know who you’ll run into on your way up the ladder of success. 

During a Sept. 19 interview on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show, Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm shared that on his journey to landing the role of Don Draper in the drama series, there was another recognizable face who also went out for the part: West Wing’s Joshua Malina.   

“The only name that I remember from any of those audition sign-in sheets was Josh Malina” he recalled, “who I’m not sure had a great shot at being Don Draper. But it would’ve been a choice.”

Now, before you think that is shade, Jon assured Howard Stern listeners that he is a fan of Joshua’s, adding, “He’s a great, wonderful actor.”

Of course, Jon recalled that he was very eager to nab the Don Draper part, noting, “I remember reading the script, putting it down, and thinking, ‘Holy s–t, that’s a really good story.”

Auditioning a whopping seven times before officially landing the role, Jon remembered one stressful moments before his life would change forever.

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