Jeopardy!’s Ken Jennings Divides Viewers With Rare Correction

Ken Jennings is going through some growing pains.

The new Jeopardy! host experienced his first big mistake while hosting the beloved trivia show Sept. 13.

It all went down when contestant Luigi de Guzman answered a question from the “Cons” category. A painting of a grassy field appeared on-screen with the prompt, “Here’s a typical 19th-century landscape by this British painter.”

Luigi was the quickest to react, hitting his buzzer and replying, “What is Constant?”

Ken asked him to “say it again,” after which Luigi corrected himself, responding, “Sorry, who is Constable?”

However, later in the game, when contestant Harriet Wagner answered, “Who is Angela LeGuin—sorry, Ursula LeGuin,” Ken did not accept her answer. His explanation? “Yes, Harriet, you remembered that her name was Ursula, but I had already begun ruling against you when you began correcting yourself.”

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