Jason Derulo Reveals How His Lowest Moments Push Him Forward

Sometimes, what motivates you to succeed isn’t a goal, but a person.

Such is the case for platinum-selling artist Jason Derulo. During E!’s digital series DRIVE!, the “Ridin’ Solo” singer revealed who keeps him going today is none other than his 16-month-old son, Jason King Derulo, who he shares with ex Jena Frumes.

He told host Austin J. Mills, “The newest thing is my son and wanting what’s best for him and wanting him to have the best life that he could possibly have.”

For Jason, self-improvement has “been my drive for a very long time,” he explained to Austin, noting that includes looking back on his failures and using them as fuel for his fire.

“My downfalls and when I have low moments, those moments really drive me,” the 32-year-old shared. “At my lowest lows, it’s like, ‘Dang, I gotta really sink my teeth in and just go for gold.'”

As for how the Cats actor gets out of those low moments? “First things first, is the gym,” Jason revealed, joking that he works out “harder than a lot of bodybuilders out there.”


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