How Much Does Sam’s Club Pay? (Salaries, Benefits, & More!)

Sam’s Club employs over 100,000 workers across 600 locations nationwide. Finding good employees can be difficult!

And once you do, you want to hold on to them. Which got us wondering, what does Sam’s Club pay to retain workers? Do they offer any special benefits? This is what we found…

How Much Does Sam’s Club Pay?

Sam’s Club employee pay rates vary according to the job you work, the location and size of the outlet you work in, and the complexity of your responsibilities. There are also other influences on pay-rates, such as unavailability of workers and increasing employment choices for employees.

This article takes a look at what it’s like to work at Sam’s Club: what sort of job you can get, what the pay is like, and how to apply for a job there.

Las Vegas - Circa June 2019: Sam's Club Warehouse. Sam's Club is a chain of membership only stores owned by Walmart I

What Is The Average Pay At Sam’s Club?

In 2021, Sam’s Club officially set $15 an hour as its minimum wage. This decision applied to Sam’s Club workers across the board, including work categories that traditionally receive very few wage increases, such as gas station attendants, and maintenance crew.

However, nearly all Sam’s Club employees (not in leadership positions) were already making that, and so many pay packets did not change.

Walmart (Sam’s Club parent company) also raised department leader position pay from $18 to $19 an hour and increased pay for tire and battery center technicians, and other positions such as personal shoppers (who fill online orders), and forklift drivers.

These increases have put the average hourly rate at Sam’s Club to more than $17 and made it possible for a Sam’s employee hourly worker to earn up to $34 an hour. However, this very much depends on the role you are working and the location you work in. 

Any reference to Sam’s Club pay rates must always emphasize job complexity, location, and the employee benefits attached to the pay rate.

Sam’s Club job licensed positions, such as a pharmacy technicians or licensed opticians, make greater hourly rates ($23 per hour and more) while beginning positions, such as Sam’s Club Greeters, make the lowest rates ($11 per hour; now $15 per hour).

The department you work in will have an impact on your salary as well. Sam’s Club departments include:

  • Customer Service
  • Retail
  • Maintenance
  • Warehouse
  • Corporate
  • Healthcare
  • Maintenance

Employees in customer service can earn salaries at Sam’s Club that are well above average, with a yearly salary at around $33,359. Employees working in the retail department can earn an average of $32,881 per year. 

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Does Sam’s Club Or Walmart Pay More?

Again, this seems to depend on what you do, where you work, your experience, and your responsibility load. For some jobs, pay (and pay increases) are set by the parent company (Walmart) and apply across the board. 

For example, Winsight Grocery Business noted in June, 2022 that 

Walmart Inc. is boosting pay for its more than 36,000 Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacy technicians—to an average hourly wage of more than $20 an hour—in the company’s latest effort to emphasize that it is “serious about attracting top talent.”  

Winsight also noted that Walmart is planning to institute a progressive wage model that aims to add consistency, predictability and transparency to the raise schedule for new hires.

Hopefully this model will apply to all “new hires” within all departments and dispense with the general confusion and lack of transparency over the company wage model in general.

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Let’s Take A Look At A Couple Of Sam’s Club Jobs

There are some Sam’s Club roles that are always looking for new talent. These positions, rather confusingly, can come under a few different titles, and the position key tasks are not always consistent between locations. You’ll find jobs typically listed like this in the Sam’s Club Careers section.

Member Frontline Cashier

Career area – customer service and call centre

Job function – customer service and call centre

Position type – hourly (anything from $15 per hour and up)

Employment type – regular/permanent

Your job will involve:

  • Greeting members (customers)
  • Supporting members
  • Working registers
  • Helping customers use self-checkout
  • Process payments

And you will need to be able to:

  • Multitask
  • Problem solve
  • Solve conflicts
  • Work under pressure
  • Work with a team
  • Value customers
  • Comply with company policies, procedures, and standards of ethics and integrity
  • Collaborate with teams and managers

It’s important to note that, as Sam’s Club themselves have stated, the full job description will be made available as part of the hiring process. This is because the precise nature of your role will be unique to the job location. Likewise, the precise details of your pay award are also set this way.

Any job description listed will also identify the minimum and preferred qualifications, job benefits, and the exact location of the position.

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sam's club warehouse worker

Is It Good To Work For Sam’s Club?

Employee responses to this question vary according to where they work, what they do, and by the ethos of the team, team leadership and location they work for.

This means that employee feedback can be inconsistent and imprecise, but it is nonetheless a useful firsthand resource. 

  • Great place to begin a career
  • Work can become tedious and repetitive; work as many roles as you can
  • Fun and easy first job with opportunities for more experience
  • Everything depends on how good your supervisors are
  • There’s a high turnover of workers
  • The pay is not worth the stress caused by arrogant customers
  • More staff training in managing difficult people (customers) needs to be available
  • Frontline staff have to deal with too much harassment caused by decisions not made by them
  • Pay scale confusing and pay rises inconsistent
  • The most demanding jobs are not paid accordingly (cashier, stockers, café workers, front line staff)
  • Maintenance is the worst job and not worth the pay
  • Member Specialist is the worst job: having to deal with cunning and aggressive customers 
  • Customer aggression is getting worse
  • Corporate needs to listen to the pleas and advice of frontline workers more because they’re the ones who know what the real difficulties are. 

What Are Sam’s Club Employee Benefits?

Sam’s Club offers its employees a wide range of benefits. However, a benefit schedule is unique to each job description and needs to be read accordingly. Benefits can also change as pay rates move. General benefits for a full-time Sam’s Club employee include:

  • Health insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Quarterly bonus
  • Retirement plan
  • Paid time off
  • Free membership at Sam’s Club
  • Employee discount
  • Flexible schedule
  • Parental leave

What Sort Of Job Can You Get At Sam’s Club?

If you click on the Careers button at the bottom of the Sam’s Club welcome page, you’ll get to the general employment section, which is actually under the Walmart banner. Then you can click on Sam’s Club Jobs.

Jobs at Sam’s Club are divided into career categories. 

  • Stores and Clubs – jobs here include cashier, sales associate, stocker, fresh food associate, cart attendant
  • Corporate – jobs here will be in Merchandising, Human Resources, Supply Chain & Logistics, Accounting & Finance
  • Healthcare – these jobs include Pharmacist, Optometrist, Pharmacy Manager, Nurse Practitioner, Pharmacy Intern 
  • Technology – jobs in Technology and Software
  • Driver and Distribution centres – includes drivers, and distribution centre staff

How Do You Apply For A Job At Sam’s Club?

Application requirements will vary depending on the career area you are looking at. Broadly though, there is a minimum age requirement (16 years old for Walmart and 18 for Sam’s Club). Some positions require a minimum age of 18. 

Remember that the job search page for Sam’s Club comes under the parent company Walmart’s banner; you use this page to search by job title or career group, or by employer and location. 

You’ll see links to both Sam’s Club and Walmart jobs. Clicking on Sam’s Club Jobs will take you to links for all job openings, employee benefits, the application process, and frequently asked questions.

Basically though, to apply for a position with Sam’s Club, you’ll need to:

  • Choose the type of job you’d like and then click through to the list of actual jobs listed. Clicking on Maintenance Technician, for example, will take you to all available jobs under this heading. 
  • Click on a job title. The link will take you to all the information regarding that job, including task description, compensation and pay, eligibility, minimum and preferred qualifications, job location, benefit schedule, FAQs, and an Apply button (up the top of the page).
  • If the job is for you, click on the apply button, log in or make an account and follow the application prompts for every step of your application.

Applications generally take around 30 minutes to complete, some longer (if there’s an assessment you need to complete). 

Once you submit, your application is final, and you’ll receive a confirmation. You’ll receive further communication to let you know if you’re successful, or if you’ve missed out this time. You are then free to apply for other Sam’s Club’s jobs.


Sam’s Club is a popular choice for beginning employees, and the online application process is easy to follow.

There’s always a range of jobs available with average to good pay rates.

Online employee feedback is available – and mixed. Best to talk to a current employee to get a good idea if the company and the career is for you.

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