How do I send an Amazon gift without the sender name?

Add the gift to your cart using Amazon’s mobile app. Tap Add a gift receipt for easy returns and then tap Proceed to checkout. Once at checkout, select the option to Let the recipient provide their address and tap Continue.

Can I send someone a gift on Amazon without knowing their address?

Amazon has a new feature that will let you send a present to someone without having to know their address. When you find what you want to send on the app, you click the “add a gift receipt” option. From there, you can enter the recipients phone number or email address.

How can I send an anonymous gift?

One way of sending untraceable mail and anonymous letter through the mail is to leave the envelope without a return address and drop it in a public physical box. The post office collects these letters and delivers them to a specific post office department to further scan them.

How do I know who sent me an Amazon package?

If someone has bought you a gift, they have the option to fill out their information on the packing slip so that you know who they are. The packing slip is usually tucked inside the package, and will contain things like the name and address of the sender if they have filled this in.

How do I send a secret Santa gift from Amazon?

Hide prices on the packing slip. Include the name of the gift giver and a personal message with the order. Add gift wrap for eligible items. Share a digital copy of your gift receipt with the recipient. Send the gift via email or text message without providing the delivery address of the recipient.

How do you ship to someone without knowing their address?

Package receiving service. A package receiving service is a great way to get items delivered without using your home address. Package locker systems. Sign up for a PO Box. Get your parcel delivered to a friend (or your office).

How do I buy something on Amazon for someone else?

Select Add to Cart on the product detail page. Check the This order contains a gift box. Select Proceed to Checkout. Select a shipping address add a new one, or allow the recipient to provide their shipping address. Select Add gift options . Select Save Gift Options.

What is brushing from Amazon?

Brushing is a scam in which third-party Amazon vendors send people products they never actually bought. While this may seem an odd scam at first, it is all to do with exploiting Amazon’s search ranking system. The algorithm favours items with high sales volumes and good reviews.

What do I do with an Amazon package that is not mine?

If you receive a package addressed to someone else, contact Customer Service. If you confirm that the package addressed to you, wasn’t ordered by you or anyone you know, report the package online by going to the Report Unwanted Package form.

What to do if you receive a package from Amazon you didn’t order?

Report the unordered package to Amazon customer service at (888) 280-4331. Report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission online or by phone at (877) 382-4357. Change the password on your Amazon account and any other accounts that have the same password.

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