Get a Glimpse of Bella Hadid in Ramy’s Season 3 Trailer

Bella Hadid is strutting her way onto the small screen.

Hulu released the first trailer for season three of the Emmy-nominated series Ramy Sept. 14, giving viewers a glimpse of the model in action. For her debut role, the 25-year-old is playing Lena, the girlfriend of Ramy’s (Ramy Youssef‘s) best friend, Steve (Steve Way). 

The first viewers see of Bella in the preview, she’s sitting at a table with Steve and Ramy, who asks how they met. “Muslim match,” Steve says, to which Ramy asks, “You don’t have to be Muslim?”

“Nah, they’ll let anybody on,” Steve responds. The more you know!

Ramy, meanwhile, is struggling with religion. “Ramy has been searching for something, trying to find the meaning of life,” a voice-over says. “He’s having a crisis of faith.”

And he’s not alone, with the narrator saying, “His family is searching, too. Trying to find their place in a world changing around them. Caught between who they want to be and who they really are.”

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