DoorDash Challenges: What They Are, How They Work, & More!

If you are a DoorDash driver, you probably know how the entire process works. Someone online orders food from a restaurant or grocery store, and then you need to accept the order, pick up the food, and deliver it to the requested address.

It can be a very easy way to make some money if you have a car, and if you start dashing during the busier times of the day you can make some really good money.

However, those busier times of the day can not only be very competitive, but might also not last to long. If you find that you are running out of time and not making enough money during the day, you might need to consider stepping up to take on some DoorDash challenges. 

Plus, even during the busiest times of the day, you might find that it gets tedious after a while. You’ll be driving to the same stores over and over and making a few deliveries, so why even open the app at all? Once again, then DoorDash challenges have you covered.

What Are DoorDash challenges?

DoorDash challenges are designed to make you hustle and to get you moving and making several orders. They might revitalize you during a slower moment, or keep you moving efficiently whenever the amount of orders is moving quickly.

If you can complete these challenges in a period of time, you will get a bonus.

You will see the active challenges whenever you open the application and sign in, and most of the time the challenges are focused around whatever area you are dashing in.

If you qualify for a challenge, then you will be allowed to accept the challenge and see if you can complete it.

Additionally, the challenges also have a starting point where you obviously need to start from, and a time limit that you need to complete the challenge by.

For example, a challenge might be for you to complete 15 deliveries from Monday 12:01 AM to Friday 11:59 pm local time. If you do so, then the app will give you an additional 20 dollars upon completion.

The concept of DoorDash challenges is simple, but many people either have questions about them or want more information, so we’ve covered all of that down below.

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How Do You Use DoorDash Challenges?

You don’t need to opt into a challenge whenever you log into the app, instead all of the currently active challenges (often one challenge at a time), will be automatically displayed and working for you. You just need to complete the challenge, and the money you get at the end will be added to your weekly earnings. 

Just make sure to complete the challenge at any of the listed starting points, and you will find everything on the Challenge page in the DoorDash application.

You just need to open that page and you will find the details of the challenge as well as details on your progress, and the money you will earn for completing the challenge.

Once the challenge is complete, then the challenge page turns into a results page where the displayed payment is shown. Then, if the timeline matches up, you can apply for more challenges as well and make even more money.

While you can make more money from completing different challenges during the week, you can only be assigned and working on one challenge at a time. Then once your challenge is complete or time has run out, you will get a new one.

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How Do You Get Challenges In DoorDash?

Now, one of the biggest problems people have whenever they are on the DoorDash application is that they might not get challenges. Which can be hard to stomach if you have family and friends who are DoorDashing in the same area and are getting challenges left and right. 

Well, the company gives you challenges based on various different factors. These factors don’t just include your Geographic location, but also things like:

  • New Dashers: DoorDash challenges are often aimed at these three types of DoorDashers. They give the newcomers the ability to make a little extra money just starting out.
  • Long time Dashers: The challenges can also help long time DoorDashers make some additional money since they are on the app every single day.
  • Returning Dashers: Finally, if someone comes back to dashing after a break, a challenge can help get them back into being consistent.

Other challenges can be sent to you based on where you are dashing. If a lot of orders are being made from shops in rural areas outside of town, and most drivers are jumping on those orders, then that rural area could be the starting point for a challenge. The drivers get some extra money and those orders get fulfilled. Win win for everyone! 

Don’t worry if you aren’t getting notified for challenges, you haven’t been forgotten about! Once a challenge comes up that you have been qualified for, you will be notified and can get right on it! Just make sure to be patient and keep an eye on the application, and you’ll find something.

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What Do The DoorDash Challenges Pay?

You get a cash bonus for completing every challenge, and these can be amounts anywhere from $20 to $50. Additionally, they can coincide with peak pay as well, so if you make applicable progress on your challenge that falls within peak pay times, you can make a big chunk of change.

All these challenge payments are on top of what you are making by completing the orders. So if you need to complete 10 orders Monday-Friday for $30, you will get that extra $30 plus the normal fare for the original ten orders. 

Then, once you complete the challenge, the weekly earnings you get will be updated and you will get the total amount on your payday! 

Finally, sometimes DoorDashing offers guaranteed pay. Where if you complete a challenge, then you will get a guaranteed chump of change. For example, they make take a challenge that says a driver can make $250 dollars if they complete 25 deliveries in the next seven days. 

For Guaranteed jobs, if you meet those numbers and your combined earnings and customers tips are not matching the guaranteed sum then the difference will be paid by DoorDash.

These jobs are not too common, but they do come up and you need to keep an eye out for them.

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Does Everyone Get The Same DoorDash Challenges?

No, the DoorDash challenges you get will depend on your location, your experience level, and various other factors.

Every single challenge has different eligibility requirements that offer a bit of personalization for the drivers taking them on, and they will randomly pop up if you are meeting the criteria.

If there’s a surge of new customers in an area, a surge of new DoorDashers, or if you are a returning DoorDasher, you will be eligible for certain challenges that others won’t be.

You will always get the challenge on the app the second that you are qualified for it, and then you can get things started.

Why Are DoorDash Challenges Not Showing Up?

If you find that DoorDash challenges aren’t showing up for you, then you don’t meet the requirements for the challenges in your area. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to make a challenge show up, and you just need to keep DoorDashing and see when a challenge shows up.

If you are really dead set on making a challenge show up, then you could move to a different region to find some new starting points, or get off of the app for a while.

If you come back after a while, you might discover that your DoorDash challenges are shooting back up because you meet the criteria of a ‘returning dasher.’

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Are The DoorDash Challenges Worth It?

Considering that the challenges are free and also are not opt-in, and you are going to be doing the things that the challenges are asking you anyway, you might as well make some extra cash.

If you want to make some extra cash while you are DoorDashing, then you should at least keep the challenges in mind as you are going on. 

There’s nothing to lose and no reason not to complete the challenges, because they aren’t too challenging (for challenges anyway).

Being able to make 10/15 deliveries in seven days is pretty easy if you know what you are doing, and have a couple busy hours of heavy traffic for the orders through the day, you can rake in the extra cash!

For bonus points, make sure you are focusing on completing your orders during the peak pay hours and you can make even more! Check the application and get your orders completed, and see just how much money you are bringing in.

It will certainly buff up your bank account and also allow you to have some more fun while DoorDashing.

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