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Dominic Nugent joins her new boyfriend as the official Instagram site.The Dublin native recently found love again after calling off his long-time boyfriend’s wedding Damian Quirk – After the heartbreaking « betrayal ». Louise Cooney commented on the post: « Oh stop?? What a lovely couple! So happy for you! »

Is Dominic Nugent in love?

Influencer Dominic Nugent has shared a series of stunning photos with her boyfriend she’s been on relation months. … fans recently asked Dominic via Instagram Stories if she wanted to share a photo of her new boyfriend, and she revealed she would be in time.

Who is Dominic Nugent’s fiance?

Social media influencer Dominic Nugent falls in love again after cancelling wedding to longtime boyfriend Damian Quirk.

What happened to Dominic and Damian?

Instagram influencer Dominique Nugent opens up about her shock split her fiancé damian eight weeks ago. Dominic made the announcement on social media on September 5, the day they were due to get married in Portugal, and the Covid-19 pandemic has not forced them to postpone as many other couples have.

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