Does Aldi Sell Furniture? (Yes and No….)

Everyone needs furniture in their homes, otherwise, you would be looking at very empty spaces and the opposite of comfort. Whether you are looking to get new furniture for your new apartment or you need to replace the ones you have, you have to go somewhere and get the ones that suit you while also being comfortable enough for you and your family.

Furniture is not cheap! Looking for good deals at stores may be a little hard and perhaps you don’t want to buy used furniture from questionable sellers online.

You might want to check stores that often have tempting offers available and good prices in general.

If that sounds like Aldi to you, then let’s try and find out whether Aldi sell furniture….

Does Aldi Sell Furniture?

Aldi does sell furniture. You can find a variety of home items at your local Aldi, such as mattresses, sofas, chairs, lawn chairs, candles, and more.

Many are surprised to know that Aldi doesn’t only sell budget-friendly, good quality groceries but also has a good selection of furniture, garden items, electronics, and much more available in-store and online.

If you want to browse through their catalog of things your home needs, you might get a great deal for something that is often significantly more expensive in other stores.

If you want to know more about Aldi’s furniture as well as details about furniture in Aldi UK then keep reading!

Ephrata, PA / USA - December 23, 2019: An Aldi grocery store in Lancaster County. Aldi is a global discount supermarket chain based in Germany.

Does Aldi Sell Furniture in Store?

Yes, you’ll be able to find most of the furniture at the Aldi Finds catalog, however, you need to remember that these are limited time only, but you’ll be able to find just about anything from furniture, to gardening essentials, as well as home decor. 

According to Aldi:

Since ALDI Finds are only available for a limited time and while supplies last, ALDI Finds inventory can vary by location. You will need to visit your local store to see if an ALDI Find item is in stock. For can’t-miss ALDI Finds, we recommend visiting a store as soon as possible after the product goes on sale.

If you have a specific item in mind, you should first check availability and see if a store near you has it.

You can also sign up for the weekly Aldi newsletter and always know what they have to offer every week. But be prepared to make a run for it before it’s too late! Aldi items go fast(especially at those prices!)

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Does Aldi Sell Furniture Online?

Aldi doesn’t sell furniture online in the US. You’ll have to go to the store in person and pick out the items.

However, if you’re in the UK, you can buy furniture online.

Does Aldi Have Home Decor?

Yes, Aldi does have some home decor items. They aren’t available year-round or at every store but you can find some nice pieces occasionally.

Some great Aldi home decor items can spruce up your home while not breaking the bank.

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Does Aldi Sell Furniture in the UK?

Yes! In fact, Aldi UK takes more pride in its furniture selection by even having an official online store, which is something that it’s not available in the US, currently.

If you go to their online home store section on the official Aldi website, you’ll be able to find a good collection of household items which include some essentials as well as luxury items. Aldi UK offers a very wide selection of items to customers interested in making their homes feel warm and new.

There, you’ll be able to find home furnishings, beds, kitchen supplies, and furniture in general.

Aldi Furniture Review

Aldi’s furniture has some mixed opinions, but their furniture is as good as you can expect for the price-point they offer. 

We do recommend that if you are in the UK you check out their furniture, you will get more variety and better quality than Aldi US. If you are in the US though, some items can be a hit-or-miss.

It may be best to buy your furniture someplace else, unless you find an extremely good offer or it’s something that isn’t essential but nice to have (i.e we don’t recommend Aldi mattresses.)

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Aldi sells a lot of things, thankfully they also keep their price standards the same throughout its catalog, which means that you will also be getting low prices and good quality for their furniture and home supplies just like their food.

However, you do need to keep in mind that their furniture selection is somewhat limited in the US, as opposed to the UK which even has an online website where you can browse through a lot of furniture and different home decor items.

We don’t know if Aldi US has any plans of implementing something like this in the future, but for now, you are going to have to pay close attention to Aldi finds, which is where most of their furniture catalog shows up.

And mind you, it’s not a bad catalog but due to the nature of Aldi finds, it can be a bit of a problem if they don’t restock an item you want.

If you are in the US and you are a loyal Aldi customer, you should mostly stick to their food selection, with the occasional purchase of a very well-priced item that would look good in your home.

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