Can Sam’s Club Look Up Receipts?

I have a bad habit of throwing away my receipts almost immediately. I’ve even thrown some away while walking out of the store.

So if I want to make a return I can find myself in a pickle. In particularly with Sam’s Club. Can Sam’s Club look up your receipts? This is what we found…

Can Sam’s Club Look Up Receipts?

Sam’s Club is a member only warehouse retail chain. This means most of your shopping is completed through a personal account, and your shopping record is therefore stored within this same account. At Sam’s Club, you can retrieve your purchase history using a request form or the app, and you can view up to 3 years of online or in-club purchases.

This article takes a look at Sam’s Club and your purchase history: how you can view it, what it includes, and how you can use it to make returns and claim refunds. 

Can Sam’s Club Look Up Receipts?

How Do I Find My Sam’s Club Purchase History?

If you’ve lost your receipt, it’s not a problem. Everything you’ve purchased at Sam’s Club either online or instore is held in your account provided you paid electronically. To find a copy of any receipt within the last 3 years:

1. Log in to your My Account page.

2. In the Menu, click the Orders link

3. Filter your orders by choosing Online or In Club purchases (you can also view orders by All Orders or select the year of purchase)

4. Open the order number and print the information – this will serve as a valid receipt.

5. For memberships paid for (or renewed) online, you’ll see this receipt also available in your purchase history. Auto Renew and Autobill renewed memberships receive an email and this is also a valid form of receipt.

6. If you paid in cash (instore) and have no receipt, Sam’s Club say they’ll do the best they can to process your return regardless. However, you may not be able to claim a refund in this circumstance.

How Do I Get My Sam’s Club Pharmacy Purchase History?

Pharmacy purchase histories are significant and necessary records, and any Sam’s Club Pharmacy you use can provide medical expense statements that also show your transaction history of prescription purchases.

If you have a pharmacy account, you can access up to 2 years of Pharmacy purchase history online.

To setup a pharmacy account or add a prescription, visit Sam’s Club Pharmacy  to join up or edit current information. 

When you log in and click on your pharmacy purchase history, you’ll see your record is divided into online and club purchases.

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How Do I Make Returns At Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which applies to every member customer. Specifically, the guarantee means that:

If you’re a current member and not satisfied with a purchase made online or in club, we’re happy to issue a refund or replace it, with a few exceptions.  

Every item you purchase from Sam’s Club has an item description page. Check this for specific return policies. Basically though:

  • You can return most items at any time
  • Within 90 days for electronics and major appliances
  • Within 30 days for commercial heavy equipment and motorsports items
  • Within 14 days for cell phones (prepaid, postpaid, no contract)
  • NO returns on gift cards, prepaid cards tickets, custom made and personalized items, purchases made through the wholesale trading program, prescriptions 
  • Check with your club for alcohol products, automotive tires and batteries, cigarettes and tobacco, glasses, and hearing aids

To make a return, you can:

  • Bring it to a club (with receipt if you have one)
  • Ship it back (you complete this process from your account under Order Details)
  • Call Sam’s Club ((888) 746-7726) with your order number

Remember that:

  • Your refund will be issued in the original form of payment
  • You can’t process an online return for items purchased from a club location
  • You need to return all accessories and packing slips that came with your original package
  • Always present a receipt if you have one – it saves time
  • If you have no receipt, your purchase history will be sufficient
  • If an item purchased online cannot be returned to a Sam’s Club location, it will be noted on the product page.

How Do I Make A Warranty Claim?

If things don’t work as expected, a warranty may allow a purchase to be returned, replaced, or repaired. A product’s warranty acts as a guarantee that the item will perform as described. However, not all warranties are the same.

Sam’s Club products, as well as being backed by the Sam’s Club Satisfaction Guarantee, are also backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. For further protection, Sam’s Club also offer protection plans.

If the Sam’s Club product you bought includes a Manufacturer Warranty, the warranty should be listed near the bottom of the product details page. You can also read the documentation that you receive with the product.

First read your warranty thoroughly to see if you need to register for a warranty claim and then (if you do need to) provide the following information:

  • Serial number
  • Model number
  • Installation date (if applicable)

However, if you purchased an extended protection plan, the product will be automatically registered, and you’ll receive an email with additional information within 24 hours of purchase.

To make a claim against a Manufacturer’s Warranty, contact the manufacturer and have the product’s serial number ready. A dated sales receipt is usually enough to file a warranty claim.

If you’re planning to make a warranty claim for an auto battery, you’ll need to provide a receipt or service order, and the battery must test “BAD” on the Sam’s Club center equipment in order for you to make a claim.

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If you’ve lost your Sam’s Club receipt and you’re planning to make an item return, there’s no need to worry. Your Sam’s Club account has a record of your purchase history for the past three years.

This means you can access information for all your purchases and print your own receipt. If you’re unable to do this, Sam’s Club can look it up for you.

Remember though, that claims of any kind are processed faster if you have all the information, and that you should always check item policies before you purchase anything. Generally, though, Sam’s Club will always do their best to help you out.

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