How to never get distracted? 4+ Things You Need to Follow!

Brain Psychology!

How to never get distracted? 4+ Things You Need to Follow!

People, one of the most powerful things in the history of mankind is the attention of a human being. The greatest scientific discoveries of all time, the greatest inventions of all time have come into existence because someone, somewhere managed to pay a little bit more importance to the intricacies of the world that the world considered to be insignificant.
Brain Psychology!
Brain Psychology!
The reason why standup comedians are able to give us such a wonderful time is because they manage to pay attention to those little intricacies of our life that we never really pay attention to. And most importantly, the reason you are able to listen to me right now is because while the world was busy in its hustle and bustle one man was paying very close attention to this world and decided to challenge the status quo to think different and to change the world forever.

Step I

So the question lies, while on one side there are these people who have managed to master this art of attention on the other side there are people like you and me who cannot even read a book for an hour without actually getting distracted. The question is- How do we exactly master this art of attention?
Now, people, I am no genius in this. I am no expert in this but I began to read a little bit about attention and about a week ago I read this article which completely changed my perspective about distraction, in the first place.

Step II

This article was written by a monk and the first line said “Distraction is like a parasite to the mind if you don’t kill your distraction, distraction will kill your dreams.” If you look at an apple tree guys, an apple tree takes about 6 years to actually start giving you fruits and when it starts giving you fruits it’s got lush green leaves, beautiful fruits and a very very strong trunk.

But soon enough, as the weather keeps changing there are a few parasites which begin to pop up on the trunk of the apple tree and sometimes in the branches of the apple tree. Now, if you look at the size of the parasite, it look very insignificant but if you don’t kill that parasite, soon enough the entire tree is going to rot because the parasite is going to suck all of its nutrients.

Distraction to our mind is just like the parasite to a healthy apple tree.With all this humungous potential in our mind if we let the parasite of distraction grow into our mind we will never be able to utilise our mind to its full potential, eventually it is going to end up killing, not us but our dreams.

And if you only understand the depth of this story very well you will begin to take distraction very very seriously. So, I’m just gonna give you a few takeaways by which I just hope that you will be able to pay much more attention to what you’re doing right now.

So, here’s a thing that you are supposed to know. People, every time you pick up something to work on and every time you are reading a book you need to understand that your brain is forming possibly a million, a billion neurological connections eventually, to help you understand the information properly to turn that information into knowledge and to turn that knowledge into wisdom so that it can help you enhance your life.


Step III

And when this process is actually happening, your brain is exercising a superpower that no other species possesses. Eventually, taking up a lot of energy to process every bit of the information that your are producing. But you know what? because this is never really told to us, we take is for granted.

And that’s the reason why the superpower that you have been practicing never really gets utilised to its fullest eventually, to never get utilised at all because we never focus. So the question is- What exactly is the root cause of this problem and how exactly are we supposed to tackle it?

The first thing that I want you to know is actually understand how does the technology around you work in the first place. People, companies spend a billion dollars to make sure that they make Instagram a part of your lifestyle. It’s not a coincidence that you open Instagram every time you’re bored.

It’s not a coincidence that when you are in a restaurant and everybody is talking when you feel out of the conversation, you open up Instagram. It’s not a coincidence but a strategic move which has been planned by some of the best behavioural scientists in the world. And it’s not a bad thing because that’s how business is done but it becomes a bad thing once it begins to intrude into your life so much that it becomes a hurdle for your progress.

Step IV

Here’s a very simple 3 step procedure by which I have been able to focus on my work and I just hope it helps you focus on your work too. The first thing that you’re supposed to do is segregate all the applications in your phone into 3 categories.

Psychology Depection
Psychology Depection
  • The first category, you can call it ‘Important’
  • The second category is ‘Not so Important’
  • And the third category is ‘Not at all Important’.

Now, in my ‘Not at all important’ category, I have Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon, Flipkart. And the first thing that you’re supposed to do after you find out all of these not at all important applications is to turn of their notifications. Now, the question is- What happens with Zomato?

Zomato is not like Instagram then why should you switch off the notification? Well, you have to switch off the notification because When you are working on something very very important you will get a Zomato notification, you will open up the Zomato application and then you will understand that your friend just called you and told you that Dhoni just retired “OH MY GOD, DHONI JUST RETIRED!” so you begin to see Instagram posts about Dhoni and then you begin to see YouTube videos on 3 best Dhoni moments

And that’s the reason why you have to turn off the notifications of Zomato and all other applications
which will give you an excuse to pick up your phone. The second category is ‘Not so important’ and here’s where you have to turn off the notifications of all the groups that you have on WhatsApp wherein you have ‘good morning’ and ‘good evening’ messages. Why? Because the ‘Good morning’ and ‘Good evening’ messages are not dangerous.

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